Are you tired of seeing all those Facebook posts that read "They laughed at him. You'll never believe what he did next" or "This pregnant baby was asleep at the beach. Your jaw will drop when you see what happens," or "This guy was out walking his cat. You'll die when you see his cat."

I'm tired of all that crap. I think if you want to post one of those videos/articles to your Facebook account, then the least you can do is tell people what they are in for. For example...

"Teenage girl runs a marathon. You'll never believe how."

This is a great video. It's about a girl with no legs who participated in a marathon. She used a custom built wheelchair that her uncle made for her. I found it inspiring. The wheelchair is amazing.


"Four hundred pound man does a 180. You'll never believe how it changed his life."

This is an interesting video. Turns out, this overweight guy does a half-flip on a diving board. He's quite agile for a large man. Apparently he trained for three months to do this. He's going to keep training so he can do a full flip. It was a funny video but also heartwarming...but start it 30 seconds in, and stop it after 1:20 seconds. It goes on too long.

See? I realize that I'm taking away some anticipation...but this crap has gotten out of hand. Everything is hyped up nowadays. The media has sensationalized every story. I don't think this is a good thing. Viewers have multiple sources for information, and the competition is creating more and more clever ways to grab our attention. I'm sick of it. I'm boycotting clicking on any more videos/articles where the headline is a sensational attention grabber. Because, let's face the end, I don't care that an overweight guy did a flip, my jaw did not drop when I saw what happened next to the pregnant baby, and I didn't die when I saw the man walking his cat (FYI, his cat was a lion).

(If anyone of you are thinking of searching for the videos of the descriptions that I posted, don't bother. I made them up.)