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NAFA Judging Camp?

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I sit here this morning, the day after Thanksgiving 2014, watching cartoons at 9:00am. It’s a lovely morning.

Last night I had a dream involving Geoff Brown. Geoff and I went to NAFA Judging Camp (NJC). It was a week-long camp where we reviewed rules, played games with our dogs, and discussed judging issues. The mornings were spent playing games with our dogs, that were designed to make our bond stronger. The afternoons were spent in class talking about rules and discussing interesting judging situations.

The first exercise we did was set in a basketball gym. There were several judges from around the country (and from Canada as well). We were asked to pair up and create a team name. Geoff suggested that we team up, and our team name could be GDGF for “Go Dog Go Fast” (a combination of our two club names). Two guys standing next to us liked our name so much that they decided to use it as well. To avoid confusion, we were GDGF1 and they were GDGF2. I’m not sure why we were so polite and didn’t tell them to find their own name…but I suspect it was because of Geoff’s good nature.

So, the first exercise we were asked to stand ten feet apart. One partner would hold our dog, and the dog’s handler would give commands to the dog. We were asked to tell the dog to sit-to-lie down and back to sit. We were to do ten sets of this, and then switch.

On the first set, Geoff knelt beside Bender and I said “Bender, sit!” Of course, because Bender is a genius dog, he listened to me…but all the other dogs walked to their owners instead. It was mass chaos. The instructors walked around trying to help the students (a.k.a. judges). Once everything settled down, we began again…only I couldn’t find Geoff in the line up. I walked down the line, looking to the opposite side, but neither Geoff nor Bender were anywhere that I could find. Then someone pointed out that Geoff and Bender were on MY side of the line.

“Geoff? What are you doing on this side?” I asked.

“Oh…I thought they said we were supposed to switch sides after each set,” said Geoff. I stood there scratching my head and said, “No, I don’t think so. I think they meant that after ten successful sets we switch roles and I hold YOUR dog and you do this exercise.”

“OH!” said Geoff, nodding his head. “Yes, that makes more sense.”

Then we heard one of the instructors say, “The only group to do the exercise right still managed to screw it up,” to which the entire class laughed. That’s when I woke up.

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