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Many of you have wondered what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been playing my cards close to my chest and supplied only generic updates when asked. It’s now time for me to share more detail.

I bought a house.

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Today, I said goodbye to my cat, Winston. This blog will serve as his epitaph.

Winston came to us through a co-worker of Tanisha’s. He was found at the beach, wandering around a dumpster, with no mama. A tiny floof of a thing, barely six weeks old. He had medium length, chocolate colored fur, with these long, white-tips, and clear green eyes. He really was quite adorable.

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Last week I was in Las Vegas, visiting my sister and her family. While there, my sister invited me to her yoga class. I agreed to go. Now, y’all know me—I’m not the most serious person…but I TRIED to take this class seriously. It’s important to my sister and I don’t want to ruin it for her. I’m not going to sugar-coat this—I’m not good at yoga. I’m extremely inflexible. I have very tight hamstrings…and pretty much everything else is tight, too. Before I arrived in Vegas, my sister suggested that I go on a date with the yoga instructor. “Hey, when you come out here…you should go out with my yoga instructor. She’s really nice, and really pretty.” Truth be told, I wasn’t immediately sold on the idea. I’m really not a fan of blind dates. People are wonderful—but blinded by their own emotions.

Friend: “OMG! My friend is so awesome! You two would get along great. You should definitely go out with so-and-so! It’d be sooo cool! We could double date!”
Me: “Oh yeah? Well tell me about this friend.”
Friend: “Her name is Hog-face McGoo. She’s from Slagthorn, so her face is 90% razor-sharp teeth. But…oh, my gosh, her eyes! They are sooo…beady and jet black. When she looks at you, it’s absolutely terrifying. She has a GREAT personality. It’s very…there’s a Slagthorn term for it that loosely translates to: wet-blanket. Also, she loves to travel and laugh. I’ve known her for years!”
Me: “Uh…thanks?”

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